Bible by Waindigo 1.2.1

Free download add-on xenforo Bible by Waindigo

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  1. Free download add-on xenforo Bible by Waindigo 1.2.1

    • Book name phrases are no longer stored in the add-on to fix bug that phrases get removed/changed when add-on is updated (and also to fix bug that phrase for the book of Genesis was not included in version 1.2.0).
      IMPORTANT: You will need to re-import a translation (or import a new translation) in order to create the new book name phrases after installing this latest update.
    • Fixes "Invalid model" error on import.
  2. Free download add-on xenforo Bible by Waindigo 1.2.0

    New features:
    • Added ability to edit Bible books (names, url portion, etc.), delete Bible books and to add a choice of names that people can use in messages (e.g., "gen" for Genesis).
    • Typing names of verses (e.g. "John 3:16") in a post will now auto-link that post to the verse in the Bible reader and allow the verse to be viewed by mousing over the verse when viewing on desktop computers. Also supports selecting the Bible translations by entering the name of the version (e.g.,...