Master Badge 1.6.6

Free download add-on xenforo Master Badge 1.6.6

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  1. TechBuba
    XF Versions:
    Xenforo 1.3
    Xenforo 1.4
    Download add-on xenforo Master Badge. Free download add-on Master Badge for xenforo.

    This add-on may not work well with the following add-ons
    Please disable them before installing/upgrading.


    Master Badge is a massive improvement on the trophy system by allowing admin to motivate members to contribute to the forums in various ways.


    Create badge
    A badge is an icon that represents the trophy sets (a group of trophies) you've awarded or your members. There are 3 types of badge:
    • Visible: all trophies assign to this badge are visible.
    • Step by step: the next trophy details will be shown once the previous has been awarded.
    • Hidden: it will be shown once earned.

    More option when create a new trophy
    When creating a trophy, you can
    • Select a badge for trophy.
    • Add trophy key, an unique identifier for that trophy, allows retrieve and unlock trophy by this ID instead of auto increment id.
    • Add trophy callback, called when trophy cron fired. Allows you to implement your action without extending to criteria system.
    • Upload trophy icon.

    Trophy management
    • Manually award a trophy to a user.
    • View users who has earned which trophies.
    • Remove earned trophy from user.

    Assign trophies to a badge
    You can select a badge when creating a trophy or Drag and drop them in the trophies list page just like smilies.

    Level system

    Level is a summary of trophy points, you can set the amount of points for each level in AdminCP.
    • Level progress widget.
    • User Title Ladder supported.
    User profile
    • Users can view their level, badge on profile page.
    • Users can feature a badge on their profile. The featured badge will display at the top of their profile and in the messages of thread under the avatar.


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    7. Edit Trophy  Merry Xmas   Admin CP   XtremeZone.png
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    9. Options  Master Badge Options   Admin CP   XenForo.png
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