Plugin Nodes 1.2.1

Free download add-on xenforo Plugin Nodes 1.1

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  1. TechBuba
    Download add-on xenforo Plugin Nodes. Free download add-on Plugin Nodes for xenforo.

    This add-on provides a new kind of node in XenForo called a plugin, which allows a portion of HTML code or a template to be embedded into the node tree to display anywhere you want in the hierarchy without the need for template modifications or other hacks.

    Using plugin nodes, you can integrate third-party components such as Flash or Java applications, audio/video HTML5 embeds, or feature codes for software such as CometChat or ArrowChat into the node tree.

    The following screenshots show what you can achieve with this. The example shows how to integrate an ArrowChat embedded chat room right into the forum list.


    1. admin1-plugin.jpg
    2. admin2-template.jpg
    3. admin3-typical.jpg
    4. admin4-permissions.jpg
    5. arrowchat1-setup.jpg
    6. arrowchat2-template.jpg
    7. arrowchat3-serializer.jpg
    8. arrowchat4-node.jpg
    9. arrowchat5-standalone.jpg
    10. sample1-node.jpg
    11. sample2-navigation.jpg
    12. sample3-standalone.jpg
    13. sample4-typical.jpg
    14. sample5-hidden.jpg
    15. sample6-rellect.jpg