Plugin Nodes 1.2.1

Free download add-on xenforo Plugin Nodes 1.1

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  1. Free downlaod add-on xenforo Plugin Nodes 1.2.1

    Fixed a bug where plugin nodes set to be visible in the node list did not display correctly in subforum popup menus.

    Previously in such popup menus they displayed their replacement code, which was not intended. They now display a regular link to the standalone page or the parent of the node if there is no standalone page, just like any other node type.
  2. Free downlaod add-on xenforo Plugin Nodes 1.2

    You should install this upgrade for improved efficiency and functionality. Previously, template variables had to be specified for plugin nodes using PHP-serialized arrays. For example...
    • a:1:{s:4:"room";i:1;}
    • a:2:{s:6:"result";s:10:"successful";s:5:"color";s:5:"green";}
    Well, that format is cumbersome for humans to write from scratch. So template variables now use JSON! Now those same examples look like...
    • {"room":1}...