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  1. TechBuba
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    Description Show Deleted:
    When a user deletes a post or thread, that's called a soft delete. Soft deletes allow the administrator to review deleted content to determine if it needs to be restored or physically deleted.

    This add-on was created to quickly display soft deleted posts and threads and to allow the Admin to quickly physically delete them.

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    Features Show Deleted:
    • One click option to physically delete all soft deleted post or threads.
    • Option to use a limit swith in the URL which will limit the number of physical deletes.
    Group Permissions Show Deleted:
    Be sure to set the Administrator group to Allow.
    If you would like to allow one or more super moderators to use this add-on, you will need to set each individual super moderator user permission to Allow.
    Optional limit switch Show Deleted:
    If you have a very high number of soft deleted posts and threads, you will need to use the "limit" switch. This example limits the deletion to 5000 posts or threads a time.

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