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Free download Add-on xenforo TinyMCE Fix (NO MORE SUPPORTED)

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  1. Lê Thanh Khôi
    Free download add-on TinyMCE Fix (NO MORE SUPPORTED) xenforo. Download free add-on xenforo TinyMCE Fix (NO MORE SUPPORTED)

    This addon will install the last version of TinyMCE (3.5.8) modified for XenForo (changes can be reverted) which will fix some bugs (I see just one for the moment with the caret position - see here) and which can be used with the last version of mobile devices (tested on iOS 5 et iOS 6).

    This addon will also modify the XenForo parser to fix a few bugs.

    If after applied this fix, TinyMCE and XenForo parser continue to have problems and still make you want to kill them, please don't blame me for this :coffee:Just wait XenForo developers to really fix those bugs.

    Since the 0.5 version, this addon has an option to display fast overlay popup for XenForo default buttons (except the color picker).