Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress v4.8.1

Free download Plugin wordpress Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress 4.5.3

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  1. Free downlod Plugin Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress v4.6

    - New: Full screen row height
    - New: Chart elements (Pie, Doughnut, Line, Bar)
    - New: YouTube background for row
    - New: Tabs element
    - New: Tour element
    - New: Accordion element
    - New: Image overlay filters - enhance your images with awesome color overlays
    - Improved: New cleaner shortcodes (default values are not stored in the [shortcode])
    - Improved: UI for param group
    - Improved: Alt tags for images
    - Improved: Responsive options added to inner columns
    - Improved: Custom heading element. Cleaner markup, option to choose font from theme
    - Improved: Icon element now accepts custom color
    - Improved: Outline button now accepts custom color for border
    - Improved: Shortcode mapping process speed improvements
    - Fixed: Removed taxonomy db call from map.php (speed improvements)
    - Fixed: WP SEO + VC "Page slug changes if a shortcode with custom WP_Query used"
    - Fixed: Loading js files in vc-gallery.php
    - Fixed: Design options work when loaded from Templatera
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