[WGBB] Admin Notes 2.0.1

Free download add-on xenforo [WGBB] Admin Notes 2.0.1

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  1. TechBuba
    XF Versions:
    Xenforo 1.1
    Xenforo 1.2
    Xenforo 1.3
    Xenforo 1.4
    Download add-on xenforo [WGBB] Admin Notes. Free download add-on [WGBB] Admin Notes for xenforo.

    Have you ever wanted to leave notes for yourself or for your fellow Admin to fix a user's permissions? Maybe you need a reminder to get rid of that bug in your style or even just to share a humourous joke so you can chuckle your way through the world of the Admin Control Panel.

    Either way, paper notes are just to easy to lose or misplace and so we came up with keeping our notes digitally locked away in the ACP! This resource was designed from our need to leave little notes for each other to remind us to fix that bug or alter that option and we found ourselves always forgetting to do it and eventually, flooded with private messages. From this little problem, The WGBB Admin Notes add-on was born!