[HCM] - 15 SENIOR C/C++ Developers (signing bonus up to 1 month salary)

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    FPT Software tuyển gấp 15 SENIOR C/C++ Developers
    Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 15/2/2018

    Liên hệ :
    CV gửi về phuvd2.fsoft@gmail.com

    Thông tin dự án
    FPT Software HCM is looking for 15 SENIOR C/C++ Developers . The customer is one of the big Japanese companies that focus in the field of Healthcare. With an outstanding growth, the project will built 60 developers per month .
    When you join with us, you will become a member of super hero team and have many opportunities:
    – Can be quickly promoted to Technical Leader/Team leader/Project Manager
    – Can be promoted to Solution Architect/Line Manager with excellent performance
    – Have chance to onsite short-time/long –time in Japan
    – Work directly with the world’s leading experts.
    – Receive signing bonus :
    + A half of month salary (with DEV2)
    + 1 month salary (With DEV3 up)

    Mô Tả Công Việc
    - Participate in projects developing application for Japanese Healthcare companies.
    - Work with project members, responsible for the design/code review, development, and implementation & testing of software applications in a Windows environment.
    - Implement task lists, estimate deliver assignments as functional specifications, quality standards and project schedules.
    - Consistently delivers high-quality services and meet customer requirements.
    - Other assignments from Project Manager.

    Yêu Cầu Công Việc
    - 2 or more years programming in C/C++, Window API, MFC, GDI/GDI+, Window SDK.
    - Have deep knowledge in Object Oriented Programming Methodology.
    - Ability to analyze / study new technical, new framework.
    - Experience in Design Principles, Design Patterns, UML.
    - Have knowledge in advance programming techniques such as Multithread programing, IPC, Memory Management.
    - Experience in working with Japanese and know Japanese language is an advantage
    Các Phúc Lợi Dành Cho Bạn
    - Successful candidates will be offered a friendly, motivated working environment;
    - Get involve in major full-cycle project with large scale and opportunities to work directly with specialists and experts in system designing in Japanese top corporations in producing medical services.
    - Challenging position with high chances for promotion
    - Very attractive salary;
    - “FPT care” health insurance provided by AON and is exclusive for FPT employees.
    - Company shuttle buses provide convenient way of transportation for all employees.
    - F-Town Campus provides many facilities for FPT Software employees such as football ground, basketball & volleyball, gym center, cafeteria, etc.
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