How to Remove a top level admin menu

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    Please be aware that this would not prevent a user from accessing these screens directly. Removing a menu does not replace the need to filter a user's permissions as appropriate.

    function remove_menus(){
    remove_menu_page'index.php' );                  //Dashboard
    remove_menu_page'jetpack' );                    //Jetpack*
    remove_menu_page'edit.php' );                   //Posts
    remove_menu_page'upload.php' );                 //Media
    remove_menu_page'edit.php?post_type=page' );    //Pages
    remove_menu_page'edit-comments.php' );          //Comments
    remove_menu_page'themes.php' );                 //Appearance
    remove_menu_page'plugins.php' );                //Plugins
    remove_menu_page'users.php' );                  //Users
    remove_menu_page'tools.php' );                  //Tools
    remove_menu_page'options-general.php' );        //Settings
    add_action'admin_menu''remove_menus' );
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